Silvestro Ganassi and Pietro Aretino's Talking Cards: a New Reference on the Fontegara's Author


  • Giulia da Rocha Tettamanti

Palabras clave:

Renaissance; Silvestro Ganassi; Pietro Aretino; Music and Literature


This paper brings to light and comments on a quotation still little discussed in the biographies of Silvestro Ganassi dal Fontego (1492-c. 1572), author of three fundamental works for 16th century music studies: Opera Intitulata Fontegara (1535), dedicated to the recorder and the art of diminution, Regola Rubertina (1542) and Lettione Seconda (1543), dedicated to the viola da gamba. The quotation in question is found in Dialogo di Pietro Aretino nel qvale si parla del gioco con moralità piacevole, published in Venice in 1543 and later known under the title Le carte parlanti. This book is a defense of the use of cards as a recreation activity, but also presents a catalog of human typologies. It culminates in the elaboration of the perfect player, a rhetorical exercise very dear to the Renaissance. This new reference reminds us of and amplifies the understanding of another one, present in the Dialogo della Pittura intitolato l'Aretino (1557), by Lodovico Dolce. This paper's scope is to briefly analyze and contextualize the presence of Silvestro Ganassi inside Aretino's dialogue.